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Plan A Stress-Free Retirement Future!

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Retirement planning is taking key steps in advance and at different points in your life to ensure you can give yourself a financially secure retirement. 

You will attain peace of mind of knowing that your assets will last long and generate the income you need for your living and lifestyle expenses without having to worry.

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A Retirement Plan Tailored To Your Needs

A retirement plan is when we will take a deep dive into your personal situation, goals and objectives and based on your requirements, tailor an individual plan to ensure we can come close to achieving your goals.

Regardless of your age, the first step in securing your retirement future is to make a plan. With help from the team at Enlighten Financial Services, you will have a strategy in place which is available at your fingertips.

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“Sarit has continued to handle my needs for the last 7 years in advising the placement of funds to generate a great return for my retirement super.” – David Wilson

Specialists In Retirement Planning

We care about your future and can assist in ensuring your golden years are as stress-free as possible and that you are financially independent.

We specialise in retirement and pre-retirement planning and over the last 15 years have assisted

100s of our clients in achieving their retirement goals.

Providing retirement planning services in Joondalup, Perth and Surrounding areas since 2006.

  • Our Senior Financial Planner has been providing retirement planning advice since 2006.
  • Sarit, our Financial Adviser holds a Masters in Financial Planning.
  • Through the years we have come across a range of scenarios and with our experience, we are well equipped to be able to assist in your retirement planning need.

Meet our team

Sarit Shah

Director/Senior Financial Planner

Sayan Sen

Senior para-planner

Moon Lau

Office Administrator

Ways We Can Help

  1. Understand your financial situation now and in retirement.
  2. Help to achieve a balance between day-to-day spending and your long-term needs
  3. Consider the benefit from changing your financial arrangements if you’ve already retired.
  4. Help in accessing any benefits you may be entitled to, in addition to Centrelink.
  5. Determine when you’ll have access to your super and how you may be able to maximise any Centrelink payments you may be entitled to receive.
  6. Calculate the amount you’ll need by a particular date and plan for accumulating enough savings before you retire.
  7. Understand how the value of your home can fit into your retirement plans if appropriate.
  8. Identify appropriate strategies for funding your retirement lifestyle goals.

We consider when you want to retire and how much money will be required to achieve your desired income. This could be using a combination of your own saved funds in Superannuation or Savings together with any potential Centrelink/ social security benefits that you may qualify for such as the aged pension. 

We consider tax-effective and efficient strategies to ensure your retirement remains stress-free.

We will provide advice on how best to invest your funds and take the appropriate level of risk based on your requirements by diversifying your portfolio. 

Our focus

  • Get to know your current financial position and what your aspirations are in retirement.
  • Consider a range of options dependent on your situation that may involve all your assets, superannuation and Centrelink entitlements and required income in retirement.
  • Understand your goals and risk profile and need for a tax-free income in retirement and tailor a diversified portfolio that will enable you to achieve your goals.
  • Identify the most appropriate strategies for funding your retirement and lifestyle goals.

Retirement Planning Services

  • We will assist in taking control of your super sooner. It’s important to know what your options are for getting access to your superannuation when you retire. You can take it as a lump sum, an allocated pension or an annuity.
  • We can assist in your decision in whether to take some or all of your super savings as a lump sum. It will depend on your debt, any major expenses and most importantly what your future retirement goals are.
  • Where possible, we will assist by providing advice on how to boost your retirement savings. Whether it may be through tax-effective contributions to Super or non-concessional lump sum contributions, budget and cash-flow planning or strategies on how to plan to dispose of current assets and minimising debt.
  • A good retirement planning strategy will consider various investment options and asset classes such as shares, infrastructure, Property (Listed or Unlisted, Commercial or Residential), fixed interest etc. The investment style and risk level may also need to be reviewed. For instance, in some cases in retirement you may be willing to take less risk, hence a more conservative portfolio.
  • We will assist in outlining your entitlements. This may include government benefits, such as the Age Pension, Commonwealth Seniors Health Card, carer’s allowance or disability support through to concessions on health and travel.

Factors To Consider In Retirement Planning 

Many people find the transition to retirement life sometimes can be filled with various emotions and concerns. There are numerous factors to consider in retirement planning, such as your lifestyle, income, life expectancy, and general health and wellbeing.

Generally. a comfortable retirement lifestyle allows you to be involved in a broad range of leisure and recreational activities, a decent standard of living, the ability to pay for private health insurance, a reasonable car, good clothes, and occasional holiday travel.

We help to build a comprehensive income plan that will allow you to enjoy your retirement life confidently. We work through the myriad of financial issues together with you which include: 

  • Superannuation
  • Pensions and annuities
  • Taxation
  • Lump-sum payouts
  • Buying/selling assets; and
  • Generating retirement income.


Why It is Important

Like anything, having a plan is the most important aspect, without it, we would all be lost and aiming towards nothing.

Having a retirement plan, whether you start early or later in life will provide you an indication of where you stand financially, what your options are now and in retirement, whether your goals are achievable. If not, what compromises need to be made.

Once the retirement income goals are determined together with your risk tolerance, we can then start putting actions and decisions in place to achieve those goals.

Common Questions

Below are some of the most common questions we get when people start thinking about retirement and we address them when we start to put a plan in place for our clients:

  • When I retire, should I withdraw all my Super and leave it in cash?
  • I am not sure what my entitlements are in retirement? Would we qualify for any Centrelink or age pension even though we have assets?
  • Where can I invest my money in retirement?
  • Can I receive tax-free income in retirement?
  • How much do I need to retire on?
  • Do I have to wait till age pension age before I retire, or can I retire earlier?
  • How long will my funds/ savings last in retirement?
  • Should I pay off my mortgage or loans by withdrawing my super in retirement?
  • Do I still need insurances in retirement?
  • I am thinking of leaving all my money in a bank savings account because I feel it is safe. Is this the right thing for me?
  • Why should I pay someone to assist me with a retirement plan?

Our Local Areas in Perth WA

We operate in Joondalup and surrounding areas North of Perth the metropolitan area.

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How we can help

We can help show you how to make the most of your money in retirement, and help you:

Achieve a balance between day-to-day spending and your long-term needs.

Benefit from changing your financial arrangements if you’ve already retired.

Access any benefits you may be entitled to, in addition to Centrelink.

Understand how the value of your home can fit into your retirement plans if appropriate.

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