Prepare for
ending a relationship

Taking the first steps

The emotional turmoil that separation brings is often accompanied by the unwelcome need to manage many financial issues.

We can help you by working with your lawyer, or accountant or referring you to one. We’ll work with you to develop a way forward and help to address your immediate and longer-term needs.

The end of a relationship brings a lot of change and is often a very difficult time. While the challenges are considerable, there is a real opportunity for you to seek professional financial help and work towards a positive future for yourself.

How we can help

If you’re going through a divorce or anticipating the end of your relationship, we’re here to help you:

Review the impact of any divorce settlement on your financial situation.

Understand your financial commitments.

Identify any income you may be entitled to.

Develop a new budget and help you stay on track to achieve your goals.